Early lunch at a Paris landmark...


Then a train to the Louvre...

...to see some statues...

...and some paintings.

Then a visit to the Tower...

...where -- six months to the day after their
first meeting face to face
(and after climbing up 347 stairs) --
Robin proposes to Vicky Jo
on the Eiffel's observation deck.

.....so why haven't we told you before.......?


We have told a FEW people. Mr. Varner gave his blessing on
June 27th when Robin visited Iowa.

...So it's been one year since Robin proposed (as of today, July 24, 2000) -- and no, we still don't have a ring and no, we have not set a date -- and we'll probably just up and elope in some godforsaken foreign country so please don't ask to dance at the wedding -- and we're tired of keeping it SECRET... but we hope we have your blessing too!