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To me, the "Trefoil Knot" symbolises the endlessness yet interconnectedness of everything in the universe.
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About Me:

Australian by birth (1951), now a resident of Hollywood, California, with Vicky Jo Varner, my wife. 

I work as a Senior Instructor for IBM's WebSphere Education Group, specialising in "message oriented middleware" used to allow computer programs to send and receive business transactions between different systems.  The product I mostly work with is IBM's "WebSphere MQ".  My job consists of training administrators, operators and programmers in the use of WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Business Integrator Message Broker, and generally providing advice on integration issues.

I'm accredited to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which I use within my company to train other consultants in understanding how personality type differences can impact teamwork, communication, problem-solving, negotiations, etc.  I also use the MBTI with family and friends for personal growth counseling.

My hobbies include a love of various forms of art, including painting, theatre and music.  My musical tastes include Pete Townshend, Frank Zappa, German electronica, French hurdy-gurdy, Celtic, baroque and Gregorian chants.  I enjoy nearly any live theatre as well as animated movies.  My favorite painting genre is surrealism, with an especial love of Dali. I'm also a Resident Magician Member at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

My job involves a lot of travel, which I enjoy immensely!

(By the way, I am not the Robin Wiley who works with 'N Sync.)


My darling wife sprung an interesting 50th birthday surprise on me!  (She certainly went to a LOT of trouble, as you can see…)

Christmas 1998 in New York with my son, Brenton

Music Reviews:

Emerson, Lake and Palmer in concert, New Hampshire

Woodstock III -- "A Day in the Garden" -- featuring Pete Townshend

Frank Zappa lives?

I have also been to concerts given by the following -- I may write reviews if time permits:
Bob Dylan, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Van Morrison, David Crosby, Maria Muldaur, Eric Clapton, The Who...


Some of my favorite movies


MorrisoN is a New York artist whose works I admire, and two of which I now own

Narrative about my rushed trip to Hartford for the Dali exhibition


Max Cannon is one of my favorite cartoonists

The truth about C++: Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup

Try the Excel Spreadsheet Macro card trick

Big Move!

I moved from Massachusetts to Los Angeles, and I now live in Hollywood, a short walk from the Chinese Theatre (where all the handprints are in the cement)

Some photographs of Vicky Jo and me are here

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