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Engaged on the Eiffel Tower!

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Who We Are
Robin Wiley & Vicky Jo Varner.

How We Met
On the Internet.

Our First Date
Boston.  Robin flew her there for it.

Where We Live
Hollywood, California, USA.

What We Do
Travel.  A Lot.

The Proposal
Eiffel Tower, July 24, 1999 (precisely 6 months after first meeting in person).

The Ring(s)
Miner's cut diamond in a platinum setting.

The Wedding Invitation
It's in the mail.

The Wedding Date
May 1st (May Day, or Beltaine).

Why Stonehenge?
Whyever not.

Our Wedding Day Programme
Ride the "Love Bus" through an English countryside.

The Civil Ceremony (a legal formality)
Marlborough Town Hall.

A Progressive Wedding
We went sightseeing during the day.

Our Commitment Ceremony (we consider it the Wedding)

The Reception
Avebury Stone Circle.

The Honeymoon
A narrowboat on the English canals.

Video Clips
Because you've got to see it to believe it.

Gift Registry
Open hunting season.

Wedding FAQ
We're happy to answer your questions.

Email Us
It's always good to hear from you!

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