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So here we have two adults, probably in their 40's. They've been on their own for quite some time now. Now they're getting married, and they have a bridal registry.
You're probably asking yourself, "What the %$^& could they possibly need?!"
This is the same question we asked ourselves. And we thought it was silly for us to register. Besides the fact that we think it's tacky, we've already got what we need to run a house (despite one of us habitually moving all over the world and lacking a normal accumulation of possessions). And picking out something like a "china pattern" is just begging for disappointment.  But friends kept asking what to buy us for a wedding gift until they pushed us over a crate 'n barrel. 

Uncle!  We give in. 

On the other hand, the way VJ figures it, it's not like she got married 25 years ago when her contemporaries did -- so why should she miss out on all the fun?  Is that fair?  (Even though Robin's done this twice before, should that deprive her of being a spoilt and pampered albeit grey-haired bride?)
The big nightmare is deciding what we needů  The Beverly Hills mansion seems unlikely to materialize, as does the Lamborghini.  What we really should do is fix up the house and make it presentable for guests.  Heck, we could even throw a party someday in between trips. That would be a novelty.
So now we're into Sears and Home Depot and all that -- saving for the $10,000 kitchen makeover.  Gift certificates suit us just fine.  We also like books and tend to collect themů and we enjoy dining out -- so you could award us with dinner!  We even step out dancing occasionally, so you could present us with an economical night of Swing or a brush-up lesson...
If you feel broke or cheap, simply adjust your spending amount to what you would have paid for a gift had Vicky Jo gotten married 25 years ago without considering inflation.  That should keep your spending in check.  If instead you feel rich and generous, you could adjust for inflation and include a little something for "interest." If you weren't even born 25 years ago -- just take pity on the new bride and shut up.  Your time will come soon enough!
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Household Stuff

Crate & Barrel
Pottery Barn
Williams Sonoma
Bed Bath & Beyond
Sur la table
Martha Stewart
Home Depot

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Books & Music Stuff
(feed our addiction!)
Barnes & Noble


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Dinner Ideas

Macaroni Grill
California Pizza Kitchen
Gaucho Grill


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Or just send money!
(if you must buy something)


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E-Card Sites
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American Greetings


Reminder: Really and truly, we don't want a thing.
We'd rather have your good wishes than anything else.


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