Back onto the Love Bus for a 20-mile trip to the nearby village of charming, tranquil Avebury to feast and make merry.

EMAveburyAerialView.jpg (117107 bytes) Everybody's heard of Stonehenge, but few people know Avebury is the largest prehistoric monument in Europe with a 28-acre stone circle.  It's been called "one of the six most mysterious spots on earth," and the existence of a village in its midst adds a dimension of incongruity. AveburyTour2.jpg (17268 bytes) Wise Owl conducts a guided tour of the stones and shares some of their sacred history.

Here's a webcam view.

AveburyMichael2.jpg (17215 bytes) Yeah, there's a wisenheimer in every crowd. RLP.jpg (16950 bytes) Our reception is being hosted in the haunted Red Lion Inn -- the only pub in the world standing inside a stone circle.
Reception2.jpg (34712 bytes) Everyone gets seated, and the merriment begins. Myers&Well2.jpg (33145 bytes) Steve peers down through the clear panel into the 86-ft. village well.  Perhaps he hopes to spot a skeleton or two?
UnityCandle.jpg (25042 bytes) The newlyweds enter and silently light a Unity candle, symbolizing their new life together. WeddingCake2.jpg (33914 bytes) The wedding cake looks scrumptious, with its sugary roses and tiny mandorlas.
Yum.jpg (31928 bytes) Everyone ordered whatever they liked from the menu, so we all enjoyed something different.  Vicky Jo slipped back into her traditional white wedding garb. MalcolmToast2.jpg (17634 bytes) Robin's brother Malcolm offers up an exquisite toast.  (Eventually I'll transcribe and post it -- but it was a treat for the newlyweds, who were charmed with his eloquence.)
CakeCut.jpg (25681 bytes) Time to chop up that cake! FeedCake.jpg (27631 bytes) Robin and Vicky Jo daintily nibble confection from each other's fingers.
ReceptionUs5.jpg (34827 bytes) The chocolate cake was excellent -- which was a relief since it had been ordered six weeks previously sight-unseen (and untasted!) from overseas.  The newlyweds are sated, and VJ enjoys alcoholic cider, her favorite English beverage. SleepingMichael.jpg (17580 bytes) Awww... Michael couldn't stay awake for dessert.  (Don't worry -- he'll get another chance at cake later back in California.)
Dip.jpg (27880 bytes) Vicky Jo and Robin are just warming up!  Hey, you can rest when you're dead -- we want to dance with happiness! CoachOrPumpkin.jpg (27939 bytes) Fortunately, our coach did not turn into a pumpkin, though I think all our guests did.  Back to London now, and everyone leaves England on the morrow.  What a day it's been!