We enjoyed champagne and lunch on our "Love Bus" as we zipped around the South of England, visiting sites of romantic Arthurian legend and historic British landmarks.  It rained on us a bit in Glastonbury, but then Mother Nature backed off and only rained whilst we were aboard the bus.  She even blessed us with a rainbow!

DayDressWGlasses2.jpg (32101 bytes) Vicky Jo changes into her "day costume," ready to go out touring.  Beyond the button that brags "Bride," check out the beaded tennis shoes and bridal sunglasses! Tuxedo&Sandwiches.jpg (39392 bytes) Robin wears a t-shirt made to look like a tuxedo, and sports a cap with a ruffled front and a button saying "Groom."  He picked up sandwiches for our guests' lunch, and we served everyone on the bus with our own dainty hands.  With champagne, of course! 
Tomb.jpg (40823 bytes) Our next stop was Glastonbury Abbey, where King Arthur and Guinevere are rumored to have been buried. AbbeyTour2.jpg (49937 bytes) This church was destroyed by King Henry VIII, and its ruins are eerily magnificent.  Our tour guide was wonderfully informative about the site's history.
GlastonburyAbbey4.jpg (48157 bytes) The bride and groom explore the ruined abbey together.  (Check out the bridal raincoat and parasol!) Bower.jpg (73874 bytes) Then it's back on the coach to our next stop, the Chalice Well Gardens, where flowers were flourishing on this first day of May.
ChaliceWellCover2.jpg (64911 bytes) Here is the famous Chalice Well, where Joseph of Arimathea is rumored to have hidden the Holy Grail after the Last Supper. ChaliceWell2.jpg (72011 bytes) It marks the spot where Christianity meets Arthurian Legend.
RedSpring2.jpg (40698 bytes) Water from the spring contains iron oxide, so it runs red and gained the reputation of being "Christ's blood." HealingWater.jpg (49691 bytes) This water is rumored to have healing powers, so we collect some.
Drinking.jpg (59503 bytes) A toast to the newlyweds! MandorlaWell.jpg (57625 bytes) The two interlocking circles you see in the fountain is the symbol of the mandorla, an image that holds meaning for us.  (Did you notice that the same pattern adorned the cover of the well?)
Salisbury.jpg (27646 bytes) Next, we make a rushed visit to Salisbury Cathedral, which boasts the tallest church spire in all England.  We hastily viewed the Magna Carta here. SalisburyDetail.jpg (51537 bytes) We ran out of time and had to skip seeing the Salisbury Museum.  But we enjoy the magnificent detail on the cathedral as we rush past to an appointment we just can't be late for!