Because of English law, we had to be married in a licensed venue (after fulfilling a residency requirement and formally registering) in order for our wedding to be completely legal.  Unlike the United States, you can't get married just anywhere, anytime -- and technically you can't legitimately get married at Stonehenge (partly because it's open-air).  So we made a little "pit stop" early in the day.

TheLoveBusExt.jpg (37942 bytes) We left London early in the morning on our luxurious "Love Bus" -- complete with an onboard toilet and kitchenette. BusInt.jpg (47622 bytes) Yes, we decorated the bus!  To our delight, the driver turned out to be an incredible tour guide, who unexpectedly narrated much of our trip.
TownHall.gif (83631 bytes) This building is Marlborough Town Hall, where we held our traditional wedding ceremony.  Marlborough got its name from "Maerl's Barrow" -- meaning Merlin's grave (yes, that Merlin is supposed to be buried here).  The town's motto is "Ubi nunc sapientis ossa Merlini" i.e., "Where now are the bones of wise Merlin." GroupShot.jpg (55693 bytes) Here's our entire wedding party.  Even the speaker telephone -- Robin called his mum in Australia so she could listen live to the ceremony.  (These people can hardly wait to go outside and throw things at us.)
ComingOutA.jpg (26269 bytes) Here we come! Confetti1.jpg (40892 bytes) Some of them have waited years for a legitimate excuse to throw things at us.
ConfettiRain.jpg (36289 bytes) This was a special blend we supplied of biodegradable white hearts and rose petals. Confetti2a.jpg (37899 bytes) Confetti rains down.
Kiss.jpg (24087 bytes) Kiss the bride! MMWiley.jpg (24217 bytes) Presenting the new Mr. & Mrs. Robin Wiley...

Certificate.gif (52452 bytes)

Proof it's legal!
(Ignore the part that labels Vicky Jo a "spinster.")