Robin Wiley

Robin Wiley, a native Australian, works for IBM as a Senior Instructor in the WebSphere Education Group, specialising in training programmers and administrators in the use of message-oriented middleware.  He is accredited to administer the MBTI© and MTR-i©, which he uses to run team-building sessions with software development teams.  He travels on business an average 30 weeks of every year. When at home, he frequents the Magic Castle in Hollywood, where he is a Resident Magician Member.

Vicky Jo Varner

The bride is a 1979 graduate of Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri with a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts.  A computer consultant since 1985, she now runs a thriving practice as a "Self-Discovery Specialist" utilizing multiple models of personality type with Co-Active Coaching in relationship, family, and personal counseling. She still dabbles in database design, webpage development, and acting when she is not traveling with her fiancé.  She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a Job and Career Development Coach and is accredited to administer the MBTI©, the MTRi©, and the Interstrength Methodology.