We have a longstanding and urgent appointment on the windswept Salisbury plains this cool Beltaine day at a Neolithic structure of stones named Stonehenge.

WaitingStones.jpg (25975 bytes) The stone henge silently awaits us as Mother Nature barely contains her May shower. StonehengeApproach.jpg (31276 bytes) Our guests approach this enigmatic circle of stones.
WileysWTrilithon.jpg (67181 bytes) Trilithon photo opportunity! Malcolm&Judy.jpg (47696 bytes) This is Robin's brother Malcolm with his girlfriend Judy. 
CloakedFigure.jpg (38090 bytes) A mysterious cloaked figure invades the ancient perimeter. RobinAddressesGathering.jpg (41073 bytes) He gathers the crowd and announces his intentions to wed if his heart's desire should appear this day.
VJEntersCircle.jpg (39842 bytes) And appear she does, in Celtic finery!  (It's the same wedding gown she wore in Marlborough, now disguised by a velvet bodice and cape.) VJAnnouncesIntentions.jpg (39047 bytes) A Celtic Priestess (who goes by the name Wise Owl) steps forward to orchestrate this holy ceremony.
TwoOfUs.jpg (36707 bytes) The couple declare themselves to her. ThreeOfUs.jpg (40142 bytes) Wise Owl appeals to each of the four quarters for blessings and entreats the spirits who have joined them there, especially acknowledging Ancestors.
RingOnVJ.jpg (38779 bytes) Robin places the ring on VJ's finger. RingOnRW.jpg (41342 bytes) Vicky Jo responds in kind.
NancyWelcomesRW1.jpg (21566 bytes) Vicky Jo's sister Nancy formally welcomes Robin into her family. SallyWelcomeVJ.jpg (48125 bytes) Robin's sister Sally formally welcomes Vicky Jo into her family.
BlessingWater.jpg (37644 bytes) Remember that Chalice Well water?  The priestess pours some into a silver chalice and blesses it now. SharingWater2.jpg (22624 bytes) Robin and Vicky Jo drink, and help each other to drink as a symbol of their new status as helpmates.
Water2.jpg (35027 bytes) Wise Owl invites the couple to share this water with the others who are gathered there. HeatherWater.jpg (27491 bytes) Heather accepts graciously.
MotherWater.jpg (24311 bytes) Vicky Jo's mother partakes. EmilyWater3.jpg (19797 bytes) As the couple winds their way around the entire circle to share, even little Emily is included.
Handfasting2.jpg (23979 bytes) Wise Owl binds the couple's hands together with cord to symbolize the ancient ritual of handfasting. PrivateVows.jpg (33567 bytes) Vicky Jo and Robin exchange their private vows.
WiseOwl.jpg (22567 bytes) The celebrant seals their bond with the Lord's Prayer (spoken in Gaelic). StonehengePrayer.jpg (38372 bytes) Vicky Jo's father offers up a holy benediction.
GaelicSinging.jpg (32783 bytes) Wise Owl sings a capella in Gaelic.  (Chills run down our spines to hear the blessed music waft amongst these ancient stones.) 4Quarters2.jpg (41187 bytes) The time comes to unweave the magick circle and end the ceremony.
Blessing4Corners1.jpg (40611 bytes) We thank the souls who joined with us today... and the rite is over! VJ&Mom2.jpg (26250 bytes) VJ's mother is first to congratulate the new bride.
ReceivingLine.jpg (37102 bytes) Robin tries to convince his new father-in-law to pay all the wedding expenses, but doesn't get very far. Trio.jpg (50194 bytes) Now it's time for photos with the married couple -- Wise Owl first!

Want to see a short video of the ceremony?

GroupShot.jpg (47469 bytes) A family picture of some sort... UsWMyers.jpg (44820 bytes) With their honored English guests, Steve & Ann Myers.
UswStones2.jpg (52921 bytes) The newlywed couple poses with the ancient bluestones. UsAtStonehenge2.jpg (32344 bytes) The time to depart this magickal henge arrives all too soon.